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KST DS215MG v3 (New with Hardened Steel Gears)
Available Now SRP S$43
KST-DS215MGv3, KST Micro Cyclic Servo (3.7kg-0.05s@7.4v)

KST-DS215MGv3 is a high torque high speed micro size cyclic servo, which can also double up as a tail servo for 450 class helicopters. Version 3.0 now comes with all NEW Hardened Steel Gears, ensuring minimum gearing play at all times.

KST DS565X (Mini Tail Servo)
Available Now SRP S$89
KST-DS565X, KST Mini Tail Servo (6.0kg-0.04s@8.4v)

KST DS589MG (Mini Cyclic Servo)
Available Now SRP S$89
KST-DS589MG, KST DS589MG Mini Cyclic Servo (9.2kg-0.08s@8.4v)

KST DS525MG (Full Size Tail Servo)
Available Now SRP S$99
KST-DS525MG, KST DS525MG Full Size Tail Servo (7.5kg-0.04s@8.4v)